road cycling

The Best (Steepest) Road Bike Climbs in Cape Town

This is a list of the Best (Steepest) Road Bike Climbs in Cape Town (Western cape), that you will not die on. According to Dr.Ferrari the inventor of the VAM measurement only climbs of 6% and higher are relevant I also remember an article stating that only climbs of 7.5% and higher are true tests…but […]


Running a mainnet and testnet on the same bitcoin node

In this post I will tell you how to run a mainnet and testnet bitcoin node simulataneously on the same device. Bitcoin Conf Sections It boils down to splitting out the bitcoin.conf into sections: [main] mempoolsize=300 maxconnections=20 maxuploadtarget=144 txindex=1 [test] mempoolsize=100 maxconnections=20 maxuploadtarget=144 txindex=1 Then adding an additional systemd startup script for bitcoind -testnet -daemon […]

Mountain Biking

Western Cape Mountain Bike Trails (MTB): Year 2022

I am touring the Western Cape Mountain Bike trails… Closed: Dissapointing that so many are closed Paul Cluver Mountainbike trails are Closed from 31 December 2020 until further notice Koeberg Trails – closed due to Eskom Keoberg being a national key point (scamdemic) Open: Oak Valley MTB Lebanon – free trails Grabouw Forest Trail Network […]