Avoid WeFix when repairing your screen

I have used WeFix on 2 Occasions.

It is a decent company and is able to undercut the price paid at the iStore for repairs.
However the repairs can be of a lower quality.

My first experience was at WeFIx Woodmead. My Iphone 7 battery was not charging and was either at 100% or 0%. It would also justr shut off intermittantly.

I booked the day before. Went to the shop the next day and requested the battery replacement and by 5pm thew very same day the battery had been replaced and was working very well.

I expect the inspection to happen by the person who fixed the device, a colleague, supervisor or manager and then finally by me as the customer.

The second experience was not good at all.
I booked my iphone 7 into WeFix Cresta to replace the screen as it had cracked.
I was given a new employee (trainee) when booking in the phone. It is now apparent that the trainee also dealt with the repair of the phone.

Later when collecting the phone - the colours looked slightly off but the phone was working and it seemed alright.

However when I got home and used the phone a bit more I noticed the screen was not flush.
The screen had been applied with a bit of extra space (perhaps that is due to a thicker non-Apple screen?)

When running my finder along the edge of the screen you could feel it was not smooth and was raised.

The worst thing was that the incorrect application of the new screen meant that the screen would do random things and oush the keyboard and various buttons.
In other words the phone at times would be uncontrollable and would reply to messages with gibberish, open apps and just go hay wire.

A terrible experience.

I complained and rated the phone negatively.

I was then asked to go back and they would sort it out...unfortunately I have not gone back yet.
I would have preferred it to be fixed properly and checked by a non-trainee to ensure it was correct.

A poor show by WeFix.

Use WeFix at your own risk. If you want it done right (a bit pricier though) use the Apple Store.