Zend Framework 1.12

Disable Layout and View Zend Framework

Disable Layout and View Zend Often when actions are used in controllers that do some work but do not actually show the user anything, we need to disable layout and view Zend. This is helpful specifically with the use in Ajax (Aynchronous communication with the server). Disable Layout $this->_helper->layout()->disableLayout(); Disbale View $this->_helper->viewRenderer->setNoRender();

Web Development Zend Framework 1.12

Zend Framework Tips and Tricks

To Redirect: /controllers/yourcontroller::youAction() $this->_redirect(‘/path/to/place’); To Show Profiler in a layout /layouts/yourlayout.phtml $this->addScriptpath(APPLICATION_PATH . ‘/profiler/views/scripts’); echo $this->render(‘util/profiler.phtml’); /application/profiler/views/scripts/util/profiler.phtml Database Profiling Report Total queries executed: Total elapsed time: # Query Time () Disable Zend Layout: $this->_helper->layout->disableLayout(); source: Web Development Blog