Comparing Providers for the JSE stocks, commodities, futures and currencies

I have needed End of day and sometimes live data for my trading activities and other similar endeavours and it is hard to find a data provider. Particularly if you want stock data on the JSE as this data has become a commodity for them and they want exorbitant fees for the service.

So I have checked out what is available and I’ve found the following options:

  • quandl – A aggregator of stock data providers. It seems like they provide the platform and API and resell data from other data providers.
  • tiingo – Free end of day data.
  • eoddata – A pay-for service providing downloadable stock, commodity and other such financial data. An old looking site and no API (oh no…)
  • eodhistoricaldata – A pay for service that provides pretty much everything you need

EOD Data

Check the symbols they provide here