Good Reads on Tech Topics

A list of good reads, resources, tools, tips, tricks, tutorial and some funny pictures at the end

The cathedral and the Bazaar

How do I know if I am good at programming?

How to keep your best programmers

When companies talk about burn rates, know two things are burning: Money & people. One you’re burning up, one you’re burning out – Jason Fried

When it comes to configuration management, configure the minimum is a good rule of thumb. Keep it minimal let the defaults run – Me

DHH dropping knowledge like Bombs

The quickest way to spot an enterprisey software company? They can’t just sell products, the must sell “solutions”.

How to solve problems if you are having difficulty on a tough development task

12 Years, 12 Lessons at Thoughtworks

How to Complete a Side Project and Turn it into a business


  1. Small scope
  2. Don’t compete on features with big players
  3. Don’t work alone on the project
  4. Don’t keep the idea secret
  5. Choose boring technology

Kick Ass Ecommerce Checklist

  • Mobile First
  • Super Fast
  • Scalable
  • A/B Testing
  • Personalized
  • Live Content

(No page view is the same)

Why I like Python

Why I love Python and compiled languages suck

DHH doesn’t do Riddles

Implying that you should be testing what they will be doing in real life. Not this bubble sort which has been solved and there is a standard library for. Or going for an interview for a carpenters position and them asking you to create a table with just a hammer and no use of the shop tools.

Quizes and tests are not always the best option. Sometimes just looking at their work (what they have done) and asking questions about it is good.

Simple things are good

As I’ve leveled up as a dev, I’ve also noticed that language-bashing is basically saying out loud “My experience is very limited.” – Annalee B-8

Why developers write tests:

  • Prevent Regressions
  • Improve Design
  • Enable later refactoring
  • Document Behaviour

Being proud of 100% test coverage is like being proud of reading every word in the newspaper. Some are more important than others. – Kent Beck

Being a good senior developer is easy:

  • Don’t tell, ask
  • Don’t rewrite; pair and refactor
  • Don’t sneer, encourage
  • Be kind

If you don’t actively fight for simplicity in software, complexity will win. …and it will suck. – Henrik Joretag

On Advertising: ‘Everyone hates advertising till they lose their cat’ – Dave Droga

Good startups required reading

Angelist startup job finder

Entrepreneur Quotes

Dear Entrepreneur, Rejection is re-direction. But never accept NO from someone who doesn’t have the authority to say YES. – Soko Analyst

Continuous Delivery

Development, people and organisations

Ten Laws of the Physics of People (and software development)

Tools – free wildcard DNS for testing

Lets Encrypt –  Free SSL Certificates

Resources (the best are always free)

Github programming books

Awesome lists of awesome lists

Quick and concise list of git commands

Changing Permissions With Numbers

Test a cronjob

Other south african blogs


Low Order Magic

Interesting articles

Software Development is Dead

Startup and lifestyle books

Rework – DHH

Zero to One – Peter Thiel

Start doing stuff now

Find a domain name

Get a Server

Learn quick

Try Ruby

Learn Javascript Regular Expressions (regex)

 Funny Pictures

Development hell

circle of development hell

Cutting through the job ads crap

development jobs funny read

The best explanation of the car engine I’ve ever seen

best explanation of the car engine I’ve ever seen

Doing something Big?

  1. Set out to prove yourself wrong
  2. Create a team that gets stuff done
  3. Communicate openly and frequently

On Clients



C# Exception handling and debugging great article

Web Stories and History

The story of SSH port 22

On Agile and Project Management

How one jira ticker made my employer $1 million dollars

Interesting Open Source Finds

Realworld – A Todo example site that goes a bit further and shows you the full stack way of implementing a real world system with a host of front-end and backend frameworks.

On Magento Extensions

Extensions: Too many, reviewing them and best practices

Microservices in the Enterprise

What is you decomposition strategy?

Rule of twos to prevent dependency lock-ins with Microservices

GraphQL vs REST API…are they really so different?


Text Editors

The vi lovers Home Page

Management, Employees and Working for Companies

Why resignations happens


Google Site Reliability Engineering

Developer Career Path

A great presentation on quantifying what junior, mid level and senior developers really are. Not just the titles. Also showing that the path does not have to force you to become a manager. Showing you how to become a software engineering lead.