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Wearable Devices: The Myths and the Truth

Both creators and marketers predict glories future for new technology named wearable devices. Indeed nowadays these devices are the most intriguing innovations for many customers. trust about wearable devices

First devices are represented with smartwatches and Google Glasses.  Smartwatches hasn’t revealed their true potential, promising to be a device with huge prospects. Google Glasses in their turn demonstrate opportunities brought by a small display fixed on the user’s head. Yes, these new abilities excite us and still electronic companies require a firm answer on the question whether wearable devices meet their expectations. For now, there questions prevail over the answers. Nobody doubts that wearable devices will occupy their niche in the market. The question is when!

Today there exist numerous viewpoints on the wearable devices. Some of them take a strong position in the thoughts of average consumers. However they are not always one hundred percent truthful.

Viewpoint No. 1: Wearable devices are made to complete smartphones.

In fact, not only smartwatches with smartphones can be viewed in the wearable device market. Clothes and sports trackers, wearable cameras and other devices expand this list.

Viewpoint No. 2: Wearable devices will quickly win the recognition of consumers

Customers are not going to become huge fans of wearable techs straight away. Thus, the demand for wearable device will grow gradually. Usually, the market gets the signal for growth when the customers show high interest in the product. In case with wearable tech its producers will have to be patient waiting for this key moment. First of all the wearable devices should completely reveal their functions to users. The customers want to see all advantages and innovations brought by devices. Wearable device should prove that it has something to offer and these new functions can’t be performed by already existing products such as TV-sets, computers and smartphones. Besides, wearable device has other questions to be solved, like finding the first big customer and creating a good promotion for average consumers. Thus the process of winning the tech market is going to be long.

Viewpoint No. 3: Wearable devices remain stand-alone. 

The creators of wearable devices understand that their offspring can’t live alone. The need of services and applications providing efficient work for wearable devices is vital. Consumers should have a possibility to connect smart accessories and clothes to other devices like smartphones, laptops etc. And of course some basic functions as listening to the music, internet use should be included. Today some devices use Wi-Fi for limited internet usage.

The success on the tech market can be won by creating specific service networks for wearable devices. Undoubtedly, those companies who are working on this issue and are planning to provide their consumers with reliable  services will find their niche on the market. The more unique functions and applications wearable devices offer the bigger profit they will bring to producers.

Viewpoint No. 4: Wearable devices are newcomers. 

Wearable devices appeared in 1990s. So it is difficult to treat this product as something completely fresh. The point is that the real noise around wearable devices has been made during the last several years only. Still, the health care industry has been using different wearable devices such as pacemakers for many years.

Viewpoint No. 5: The wearable market will occupy a small niche in the market. 

Wearable devices have brilliant future and the potential to become an independent industry involving other industries such as health care and fashion. And the electronics companies view wearable devices as the method for bringing freshness to their product lists.

The idea to create convenient and fashionable devices which won’t irritate consumers with their flatulency and offer unique functions is estimated as the main goal of tech companies. There are also supporters of the thought that wearable devices are created with the function to present data rather than to become fashionable garments and accessories. In any case, wearable devices will become more than just a part of the tech market.

Viewpoint No. 6: The first companies producing wearable devices will become the leaders in the future. 

First wearable devices have an awkward design, it’s true. To be the leaders on the market the pioneers should keep to fashion and modern design all the time. Only under this condition they can remain stable and stay in the first place.

To win the audience wearable devices should be stylish and easy in use. That’s why tight cooperation with the fashion industry is a strong necessity for electronic companies. Fashion draws wonderful prospects for wearable devices, if the first producers understand this potential and focus not only on functions improvement and application development, they will dominate on the market.

Viewpoint No. 7: The problem of power consumption won’t be an obstacle.

It’s not a secret that the smaller the device is the more energy it requires. Producers of wearable devices should find the solution of this problem and offer a perfect balance between appropriate functioning and power saving. It is possible to reduce charging time and to extend battery life. Still, the manufactures have to find a solution and conciliate price and commercial interest when developing long-living battery and trying to find room for it in a tiny wearable device.

Viewpoint No. 8: Wearable devices are secure. 

The security issue is one of the most controversial when talking about wearable devices. One of the most important functions performing by these devices is data collection. And here comes a huge problem. The law restricting round-the-clock video shooting is not just a rumor. Personal data collection is going to be illegal or partially limited in many countries. Thus, the creators of wearable devices should carefully monitor the changes in legislation and be ready to adjust wearable devices with security rules. And of course it is important to keep in mind that laws defending private security may differ in each country. Security protocols should become one of the main issues in producing and spreading of wearable devices in the tech market.

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