The Best Tech

The Best of Category

These are my picks for the best piece of technology for each category. This is just my opinion.

Operating Systems and Packages


Version Control

Authentication, Oauth, IAM and Single Sign-On

Central Automation


To Be Analysed

These are tools that still need to be tested more thoroughly to make a choice

Load Testing

  • Locust - Scalabale user load testing written in python
  • Hey - Go application that sends load to applications

Load Balancing, Edge Router and API Gateway

  • HAProxy - The reliable High performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer
  • Envoy - C++ Cloud-native high performance edge/middle/service proxy
  • Traefik - Go writtenCloud-native edge router
  • Kong - Cloud-native API gateway

Network Automation

Lightweight Kubernetes


Helpful Things

Git Help


Python packages

General Utilities

Github Good Repos

Git Most Wanted - Find cool Github Repos

Linux Programming

Advanced Linux Programming - An ebook about building GNU/Linux applications

Database Optimisation

MySQL Tuner - A script that checks your configuration of MySQL for performance and security vulnerabilities. Also gives suggestions on how to fix these issues.


Security Scans

WPScan - A wordpress scanner that checks for vulnerabilities and tells you how to fix them. Very helpful as wordpress is one of the top targets for bot scans. ### Django Models Django models vs SQL ### Python Cheatsheets GTO76 Python Cheatsheet * Pythonsheets