The Best Tech

The Best of Category

These are my picks for the best piece of technology for each category. This is just my opinion.

EPub Maker

Video capture / Streaming

Operating Systems and Packages


Version Control

Authentication, Oauth, IAM and Single Sign-On

Central Automation


To Be Analysed

These are tools that still need to be tested more thoroughly to make a choice

Load Testing

  • Locust – Scalabale user load testing written in python
  • Hey – Go application that sends load to applications

Load Balancing, Edge Router and API Gateway

  • HAProxy – The reliable High performance TCP/HTTP Load Balancer
  • Envoy – C++ Cloud-native high performance edge/middle/service proxy
  • Traefik – Go writtenCloud-native edge router
  • Kong – Cloud-native API gateway

Network Automation

Lightweight Kubernetes


Helpful Things

Git Help


Python packages

General Utilities

Github Good Repos

Git Most Wanted – Find cool Github Repos

Linux Programming

Advanced Linux Programming – An ebook about building GNU/Linux applications

Database Optimisation

MySQL Tuner – A script that checks your configuration of MySQL for performance and security vulnerabilities. Also gives suggestions on how to fix these issues.


Security Scans

Owasp Secure coding practices
WPScan – A wordpress scanner that checks for vulnerabilities and tells you how to fix them. Very helpful as wordpress is one of the top targets for bot scans. ### Django Models Django models vs SQL ### Python Cheatsheets GTO76 Python Cheatsheet * Pythonsheets