Backrooms: Liminal spaces Grahamstown Student Hilltop

All of the houses "on the hill" at Rhodes university are there – for the business reasons – simply to expand the amount of people the university can accomodate. No one wants to be there: students, house and dining hall staff and wardens. They can’t wait until their obligations are over so they can leave. […]

web performance

WordPress performance: Linux, Nginx and PHP-FPM vs Linux, Apache and Mod_PHP

I am deciding whether I should migrate this wordpress site to a different architecture setup. So I have setup the original architecture and the new architecture. The new architecture is pretty much just using a different web server and php gateway. Below I run a web page speed test and a load test again the […]


Telkom Prepaid: Once-off mobile data vs LTE/LTE-A Once off

What is the difference between the packages available for telkom wireless data? It is confusing for tech savvy people – probably more so for the general public Wireless data is internet connection and data using cell phone towers that are 3g, 4g (LTE) and 5g. The 3g, 4g and 5g just allows different speeds but […]