How long does it take to download the Bitcoin Blockchain for your Full Node?

So how long does it take… The machine The machine I am using for my bitcoin node is a raspberry pi 4 8GB. It is used solely for bitcoind mainnet and bitcoind testnet. I am using a external hard drive that is 1TB in size and is formatted to ext4. The Network and Theory Calculations […]


Beware sharing PDFs – there is hidden information in them

I needed to upload a pdf to a website. I did not want this PDF traced back to me. I looked at the file and noticed there was a lot of information that could trace that specific pdf back to me. Read the Metadata on the file There are various methods to view meta data […]


Emule vs Gnutella vs Bittorrent vs Usenet vs Direct Connect

These protocols are well known file sharing protocols for communication oftentimes through sharing of files. I am interested in the background and how they are implemented…lets take a deeper dive. Emule Emule and eDonkey2000 use the eD2k protocol or network – I am not sure if it is a protocol. eD2k stands for eDonkey2000 network. […]