Vodacom Prepaid: Mobile data LTE

Vodacom USSD codes: *135# – mobile account menu *136# – get current balance *135*02# – recharge *123*01# – change tarrif plan *123# – Buy data on Prepaid LTE Plan Vodacom Tariffs (Price plans) There are 3 types of prepaid options: Vodacom Power Pack Vodacom Prepaid LTE Vodacom Power Bonus How to Recharge Vodacom Website Vodacom […]

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Spotify make it Very Difficult to Cancel (8 Steps with Images)

Spotify make is very difficult and confusing to cancel. You might find yourself not actually completing the process. Be very careful and ensure all the steps are completed. Otherwise you will find yourself paying another month which happened to me. The Cancellation Process As at December 2023: Log In to web: Click Profile Click […]

raspberry pi

Does a Case fan and heatsink cool down a Raspberry PI?

With a heatsink, case fan and open case: With a load averages of: load average: 0.26, 0.12, 0.20 Load average is the average cpu load over 1 minute, 5 minute and 15 minutes The temperature was: vcgencmd measure_temp temp=33.6’C and cat /sys/class/thermal/thermal_zone0/temp 34076 # 34.07’C With a heatsink and open case (No case fan): With […]

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Python queue Comparisons: Kafka, AWS SQS and Redis

An interesting question has come up for a real world task. What queue and python queue client should be used? In this post, a few queue options will be tried in the attempt to answer which one should be used. The Problem The real world problem is currently a single api is used to serve […]

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Postgres: How Long does it take to DELETE a large amount of records and VACUUM FULL?

Sometimes there is table bloat on your postgres tables. A large amount of data that is stored that serves no purpose operationally. The large amount of data may hinder replication of data to other sources. One may decide to archive the data or just get rid of it if it is unneeded. How long does […]