Hall of Shame

Shameful occurrences, forever immortalised that give clues to bad companies to work for.

Derivco – Game Developers

This life long Derivco employee (Mark Nilsen) holds the position of Software Development Manager. He challenges Uncle Bob Martin alluding to a better process and outcome from a sustainable (slower) pace and more tests.

I agree that they are assumptions. That being said only a person who has never worked on a project or team that have a sustainable and calm process with many tests (or test driven) would make this statement.



Bank Zero – A Bank with Zero Fees

The backer of this company (and apparent owner of the twitter account) is Michael Jordaan. The former CEO of a big corporate bank.

The company brags (as if it is a badge of honour) about projects where people work for 24  hours or more stints. The longest being 36 hours.

Not sustainable and calm process. Certainly not a company to work for if you want a company that helps families and people live better lives.

bank-zero-brags-about-36-hour-nonstop-workingAlong with war stories of tight deadlines and being exhausted