Hall of Shame

Wikimedia: Abstract Wikipedia Failure

The wikimedia team (leads) decided to invent an entire new programming language called wikifunctions to achieve the abstract wikimedia goal.
Google fellows identified it as having a substantial risk of failure.

Lesson: Don’t reinvent the wheel and don’t create a new programming language…

Derivco – Game Developers

This Derivco employee – Mark Nilsen – holds the position of Software Development Manager. He challenges Uncle Bob Martin alluding to a better process and outcome from a sustainable (slower) pace and more tests.



Bank Zero – Bank

The company brags – as if it is a badge of honour- about projects where people work for 24 hours or more stints. The longest being 36 hours.

Michael Jordaan is the former CEO of a different big corporate bank and founder/shareholder in Bank Zero. Apparently he wrote this tweet.

bank-zero-brags-about-36-hour-nonstop-workingAlong with war stories of tight deadlines and being exhausted