Lets talk about Postgres…

Postgres queries are CaSeSensitivE unlike in MySQL. So when a simple Model.objects.get(field='hello') would get the record. In postgres you would need to use field__iexact='hello'

In fact,unique doesn’t work was different cases with standard postgres. That is why django has the CIText Mixin and postgres has the citext extension

Unfortunately this won’t help for a unique_together field. The case sensitivity will still come into play.

So you can make the field lowercase by overriding the model’s save method:

    def save(self, **kwargs):
        '''Override save to enforce project name is lowercase''' =

Nope you don’t need to do the above. Just ensure the field is a CICharField

Ran into another problem:

crowdminder=# create extension citext;
ERROR:  extension "citext" already exists

So citext is already there but when running a django migration I get:

django.db.utils.ProgrammingError: type "citext" does not exist
LINE 1: ...llink" ("id" serial NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY, "email" citext NUL...

FFFFFFFFFFFuck you postgres

This is flippen weird.

So I go into psql and raise hell:

drop extension citext cascade;

Then the migrate works. It’s crazy. If this shit happens on production, I will be pissed at pg.