Git Tutorial Part 1: Git Configuration

This Git Config Basics Tutorial will help you find out how configuration works and how you can configure your git Types of Configuration System Wide: This configuration file is found at: /etc/gitconfig. This contains the default values for all users on the system. git config –system Global/Per User: Found at: ~/.gitconfig. This is the configuration […]

Zend Framework 1.12

Zend form Error: String was not found in the haystack

Solution to: Zend Form Error: String was not found in the haystack Ok So you submit your form with everthing correctly entered and bang…String was not found in the haystack. What does this mean? Well this is actually the best defence of CSFR – Request Forgery that Zend has. This is basically tampering with the $_POST variable […]

HTML5 Uncategorized

HTML Forms and Submit Button Changing Name

This article explores HTML webforms and specifically the submit button in terms of changing the name, id and value. We explore Submit Button Changing Name Examples. Example 1: Simple form tags and a frugal submit input <form> <input type=”submit” /> </form> Result 1: Submit label is ‘Submit’, Default action is to do a Get. Example […]