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The price of Things

What is the price of things in 2021 really?

At a coffee shop (Morgan's Blouberg):

A flat white single/double is: R27/R30
A toasted chicken mayo with small chips: R50

A pub:

Rock Star Diner = Black label draught 500ml: R45
Carlyle's on Derry = Black label draught 500ml: R42.5

A burger:

Shwarma Express = A good Cheese Burger and Chips: R90

Mount external hd permanently on raspberry pi

The best tutorial to use for mounting an external Hard Drive permanently on your rspberry pi is on documentation

  1. List all the disk partitions

  2. Identify the name of the disk partition (eg. sda1)

  3. Install the relevant storage driver for your FSTYPE (eg. exfat-fuse or ntfs-3g) - usually already install on ubuntu server

  4. Get the location of the disk partition

    sudo blkid
  5. Create a fodler to mount the device

    sudo mkdir /mnt/mydisk
  6. Mount the device to that folder

    sudo mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/mydisk
  7. Verify it is mounted

    ls /mnt/mydisk
  8. Get the UUID of the device

    sudo blkid
  9. Edit fstab - filesystem table

    sudo vim /etc/fstab
    UUID=5C24-1453 /mnt/mydisk fstype defaults,auto,users,rw,nofail 0 0

replace fstype with the filesystem type. Add ,umask=000 after nofail if the silesystem is FAT or NTFS

  1. Reboot

    sudo reboot