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Specificity: Why my CSS is being cancelled out even though it is loaded after other CSS?

Your answer is Specificity Specificity is a mechanism within the CSS cascade that aids conflict resolution Basically it determines preference of CSS styles, over and above the cascading nature of stylesheets Order of Precedence of Specificity: Type Specificity Inline Style Highest Highest Number of #id selectors Wins Highest number of class, attribute and pseudo selectors […]


Set Up Tutorial for Android Development

Download the Android SDK Add android to your path Check available android platforms android list targets Start a Project android create project –target <target_id> –name <appName> target_id – is the target available inĀ  android list targets Build the project ant debug you may need to install apache ant Compile? adb install bin/Package_Name-debug.apk Emulate (Need a […]

Coding Style

The Zen of Python

Beautiful is better than ugly. Explicit is better than implicit. Simple is better than complex. Complex is better than complicated. Flat is better than nested. Sparse is better than dense. Readability counts. Special cases aren’t special enough to break the rules. Although practicality beats purity. Errors should never pass silently. Unless explicitly silenced. In the […]