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Best Django Openidc Package

I think we know the security benefits and the development benefits of using a delegated authentication protocol like OpenIDC or SAML. However, actually doing the integration in the application can be difficult at times. There is a lack of documentation and guidance on the best modules or packages to use for the various frameworks. In […]

Integration Keycloak Vault

Using Keycloak as the OpenIDC Identity Provider (to Login) to Hashicorp Vault

I like Keycloak a lot. A single place to manage your authentication for many systems that you can use to federate users from an existing directory of users. For more information look at my Keycloak Essentials Summary or the official Keycloak documentation There are a host of benefits but mainly it lets applications focus on […]

IAM Integration Keycloak

Using Keycloak Identity Provider for Rancher SSO

In Rancher 2.1.0 they added support for SAML authentication with Keycloak. What this means is Rancher will use a Keycloak realm to authenticate users. This means that there is one place to manage users for a host of your applications. It also means that if they have logged on to the realm with their browser […]

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continuous integration: Jenkins Automated Deployments with a Private git server

What is Jenkins? A continuous integration tool written in Java. Continuous integration is the process of merging development work among multiple developers. It also serves to automate unit testing and I am certain other types of testing in test driven development. To simplify all that, it is build automation and in my opinion an automated […]