A review of ____ Python Books

I like python.
It is a great programming language with great conventions and a great community.
It has been a close ally and friend over the years.

There are many books out there that teach python or cover topics within python. Many of them are titled "____ Python" or "XXXX Python" or "Your word Here Python".

Simple is better than complex.

I would one day like to read or go through them all – review them and rate them.
How many are staying true to the core principles of python? The Zen.

Here is a list I have compiled along with their author and year of latest edition:

  • Fluent Python – Luciano Ramalho (2022)
  • Mastering Python – Rick van Hattem (2022)
  • Powerful Python – Aaron Maxwell (2022?)
  • Python Distilled – David Beazley (2021)
  • Effective Python – Brett Slatkin (2020)
  • High Performance Python – Micha Gorelick and Ian Ozsvald (2020)
  • Introducing Python – Bill Lubanovic (2019)
  • Serious Python – Julien Danjou (2018)
  • The Python 3 Standard Library by Example – Doug Hellmann (2017)
  • Think Python – Allen Downey (2015)
  • Python Cookbook – David Beazley and Brian Jones (2013)
  • Learning Python – Mark Lutz (2013)
  • Programming Python – Mark Lutz (2010)

Word of Caution

Use the source, Luke! Let go, Luke! – Obi Wan

A very good place to learn about python is always the source python docs.
These books provide good supplementary knowledge, tips and even shortcuts.
Reading the docs (tutorials, HOW-TOs, FAQ, glossary, guides and references) should always be the highest priority in my opinion.

Ad-hoc Tests

Wanted to see what books mention the UnboundLocalError.

  • Mastering Python (1500 pages epub)
  • Think Python (488 pages epub)
  • Fluent Python (1650 pages epub)
  • Powerful Python (179 A4 pages)