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Stackstorm using Configuration variables in python runner actions

What do you do when you don’t want a caller of the api to know the connection credentials to a service on stackstorm? But also don’t want to have to set these variables in the environment when calling the action from a rule? You should use pack configuration Setup your Pack Config Schema You need […]

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Add a simple custom action and action alias to stackstorm

In this post I will demonstrate adding a ping action to stackstorm. Then make that action available from chatops (slack) using an action alias. The Scenario On a team of network engineers often certain ip addresses need to be checked if they are accessible. This is done using the ping command. If an engineers would […]

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Configure Kafka and Stackstorm config

So you have installed stackstorm and the kafka pack, but now we need to configure the pack to consume and produce messages on kafka. The first thing that you should check out is the stackstorm documentation on how packs are configured. After you have read that you will know that in the pack’s repo there […]