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Bad Magento 2 Extensions: Bad Developers and Extensions

This Hall of shame will act as a warning system for Magento 2 developers to help avoid bad quality extensions. If an extension of bad quality is produced; the developer brand will be shown here.

Bad Magento 2 Developers and Development Houses

  1. Mageworx
  2. MagePlaza
  3. Magecomp

Bad Magento 2 Extensions

MageWorx Multifees

Untested code.

Here is the code to add the isRequired Filter:

public function addRequiredFilter($isRequired = true)
    if ($isRequired) {
        $this->getSelect()->where('main_table.required = ?', Fee::REQUIRED);
    return $this;

But the Fee::REQUIRED constant is: a string

const FEE_ID                   = 'fee_id';
const TYPE                     = 'type';
const INPUT_TYPE               = 'input_type';
const IS_ONETIME               = 'is_onetime';
const REQUIRED                 = '1';
const SALES_METHODS            = 'sales_methods';
const APPLIED_TOTALS           = 'applied_totals';
const TAX_CLASS_ID             = 'tax_class_id';
const CONDITIONS_SERIALIZED    = 'conditions_serialized';
const ENABLE_CUSTOMER_MESSAGE  = 'enable_customer_message';
const ENABLE_DATA_FIELD        = 'enable_date_field';
const TOTAL_ORDERED            = 'total_ordered';
const TOTAL_BASE_AMOUNT        = 'total_base_amount';
const SORT_ORDER               = 'sort_order';
const STATUS                   = 'status';

Forming a query that checks where the field is required instead of 1

Mage Plaza - Layered Navigaiton

Breaks layered navigation with elasticsearch and allows multiple attributes with an AND when it should only be a single

MageComp - Recaptcha

Horrific rewrites and module does not work at all. Incompetent developers.

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