Magento 2 Wall of Shame

Bad Magento 2 Extensions: Bad Developers and Extensions

This Hall of shame will act as a warning system for Magento 2 developers to help avoid bad quality extensions. If an extension of bad quality is produced; the developer brand will be shown here. Bad Magento 2 Developers and Development Houses Mageworx MagePlaza Magecomp Bad Magento 2 Extensions MageWorx Multifees Untested code. Here is […]

Wall of Shame

DO NOT BUY From Rampage Gaming

Never Buy From Rampage Gaming This post serves as a warning to all potential clients of Rampage Gaming. It is a fraudulent company, that receives payments but does not deliver the goods. Please make sure that you DO NOT BUY anything, ever from Rampage Gaming.           The Website (Online Store) of […]