FutureForex: Technical Hiring Process

FutureForex uses Offerzen (and probably other methods) to get candidates for technical positions.


They primarily use django and python.

The Process

Initial Interview

You will interview with their CTO, Josh, for the first interview.
He will give you an overview of the company and answer any questions you have.

He will then ask some generic whiteboard / logic problems and ask you to explain your solution and process.

Technical Assessment

You will be given a technical assessment – to be achieved with django.
The task is very relevant to the business and some solutions from candidates may even be used by Josh and the team.

It is a rather long winded assessment and is recommended you set a limit. If you don’t you could be spending upward of 12 hours on it.

Assessment Review

Josh will go through your assessment and ask some questions about it.

The focus for the company is completion of the task and not the calm and test driven process.
They are early and may still need to recognise the value in a calm and process driven approach – over a mad rush that adds future problems.

Final Interview

If Josh is happy you will then have the final interview with Josh and the CEO.


The full process takes about a month.

I don’t think it is worth going through this recruitement process if you are not a django head.

The company may be gaming Offerzen to take on as much candidates as they can (apparently up to 10 a month).

The tradeoff is people are finding out that they may not serious about hiring – but very serious about improving their hiring process to find that gem of a developer on the cheap.

It also helps to get free django assessments.

The advert for the "career" full stack developer is still on the site…6 months later.


The business seems very good and innovative. The people seem friendly. Lacking a bit of experience as they are young owners but that may allow you to thrive in that environment.