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NAP Africa – Non-Profit Internet Exchange view who is peering

PeeringDB search for Teraco data centres – You can view information about the data centre, view the local internet exchanges and networks – autonomous system number – given a unique ASN is allocated to each AS for use in BGP routing, they control large blocks of IP addresses.

View the total Number of active IP’s on the network of South Africa, to determine who are the big players.

At 01 August 2019:

AS37353 Seacom Western Cape (Pty) Ltd 3,830,016
AS16637 MTN SA 3,774,464
AS3741 Internet Solutions 2,779,648
AS37168 Cell C (Pty) Ltd 2,752,512
AS5713 Telkom SA Ltd. 2,223,872
AS29975 Vodacom 2,034,432
AS10474 Dimension Data (Pty) Ltd – Optinet 1,443,584
AS37457 Telkom SA Ltd. 1,383,168
AS2018 TENET (The UNINET Project) 1,339,904
AS36937 Liquid Telecommunications South Africa (Pty) Ltd 1,054,720
AS37251 Telkom SA Ltd. 469,504
AS328065 Vast Networks (PTY) LTD 463,104
AS37130 SITA Pty LTD 462,592
AS37611 Afrihost (Pty) Ltd 436,224
AS36994 Vodacom 419,328
AS11845 Vox Telecom Ltd 291,328
AS37105 Neology (Pty) Ltd 207,104

At 16 June 2022:

AS16637 MTN SA 3,782,912
AS37168 Cell C (Pty) Ltd 2,752,512
AS3741 Dimension Data 2,592,256
AS5713 Telkom SA Ltd. 2,192,896
AS29975 Vodacom 1,854,208
AS10474 Dimension Data 1,445,376
AS37457 Telkom SA Ltd. 1,339,904
AS2018 TENET (The UNINET Project) 1,306,368
AS36937 Liquid Telecommunications South Africa (Pty) Ltd 1,050,368
AS328608 Africa on Cloud 885,760
AS36994 Vodacom 713,728
AS37130 SITA Pty LTD 463,872
AS37611 Afrihost (Pty) Ltd 437,504
AS11845 Vox Telecom Ltd 292,864
AS37105 Neology (Pty) Ltd 206,336
AS37501 University of the Free State 198,656