Recommended South African Sports Betting Sites

I’ve been taking a few punts here and there on in-play cricket and football with a few local sites and I wanted to review a few of them and see which offered the best sign up bonus and odds.

The South African Sports Betting Site Contenders

Here are the sites in the offering, I’ve included the competitiveness of odds (odds) as a rating out of 10, deposit bonus amount, deposit bonus percent and deposit playthrough requirements percent as well as site usability which are the criteria I am using to test.

SiteOdds RatingUsability RatingBonusBonus PercentPlaythroughTime Limit days days (Extra bet)430 days (Min.1.1)None
betxchange.com7.56R10000100%10None (Min. 0.7)3 Months

Another table of odds comparison with boxing match odds offered by the bookmaker. Then a column for payback rates for the Chelsea v Barcelona first leg.

SiteGroves v Eubank (Groves)
Time of Odds: 5:00pm 2018-02-16
Groves v Eubank (Eubank)Total BoxingPayback rate (FC Chelsea v FC Barcelona)Payback rate (Wigan Athletic v Manchester City)


Avoid and at all costs. They are part of the horse racing racket and aren’t worth the time.

Don’t underestimate usability, it is a very important factor and helps you place bets in a timely manner especially during in-play events.

Basically the only worthwhile sites are and

I picked up a big problem with the deposit bonus. It does not match your bet, it just gives you a free bet. The free bet only gives you back the winnings, not the original stake. It is an absolute disgrace of a betting site. Avoid it at all costs.

As per terms and conditions:

The Free Bet/Bonus Bet is non-refundable and the Free Bet/Bonus Bet wagered amount is not included in any winnings. Only the winnings will be paid to your Company Account.

Poor show,avoid at all costs.

Another betting site to avoid at all costs is because the bonus requires you to stake the entire bonus amount 5 times at odds of 0.5 or greater. That is a very difficult thing to do as the probability that you go bankrupt is much higher when you are forced to stake your entire capital.


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