The Essential Android Developer Toolbox and Reference

“XML is crap. Really. There’s just no reason for that horrible crap to exist”

First off this list has nothing on Codepath’s useful tools

Another top resource is DroidToolbox

Interacting with an API

  • Retrofit – The Best REST Client for Android (Don’t use anything else), you will need the lower level
  • OKHTTP as a client for adding cookie/session to headers and to trust self-signed certificates
  • Json to Pojo – Generate plain old java objects from the JSON response from an API. Saves a lot of Time, you can also use android studio to create the setters and getters -> highlight the attributes of the class -> right click -> generate -> setters & getters
  • Picasso – Aynchronously set images from url’s

Views and Layout Elements

Memory Management and Leaking

  • Leak Canary – Detect Memory Leaks in Android and Java

Local Storage


Design and Colour Pallete

View Elements


  • Fragmented Podcast – Podcast that gets to grips with issues that are difficult for the community