Upgrading SQLite on CentOS to 3.8.3 or Later

Let me guess you are using django and may have just done an upgrade to django 2.2.x in order to stay up to date or for posterity on vulnerabilities.

Unfortunately CentOS only has v3.7.17 in their repos.

So you need to install v3.8.3 or the latest from source.

To do that, you can install from source (I'm not sure how to use the precompile binaries)

  1. Download the source code from sqlite downloads

cd /opt
wget https://www.sqlite.org/2019/sqlite-autoconf-3280000.tar.gz
tar -xzf sqlite-autoconf-3280000.tar.gz
cd sqlite-autoconf-3280000
sudo make install

You have to log out and relog in for it to change.
However this doesn't help as:

>>> import sqlite3
>>> sqlite3.sqlite_version