Functional Tests with Jenkins, Selenium, GeckoDriver and Firefox

I’ve being going through the django testing goat book, specifically the section on continuous integration. Running you functional tests on jenkins can be quite difficult and you’ll need to tinker around and read the logs to figure out whats what. Here are a few tips. What is the optimal versions? Well Jenkins should be the […]


Finding a Frontend tool: An Inline Smart Datepicker

I am working on a project that requires an inline smart datepicker. So in this post I will show the process of selecting a decent plugin / tool. Requirements The Inline smart datepicker is quite simple and simple is better than complex so I want to keep it that way: Must not pop-up, it should […]


An Incense Evaluation

I like incense as the aromas help to calm the mind, eventually leading to awakening our mind. Its use in yoga and meditation sets the mood and allows practice on an elevated state. In this post I will evaluate some incense products and give you more information about incence. Where do you buy incense? Incence […]