Building a Python HTTP client that automatically refreshes access tokens

How often is it that when calling API’s you do an initial round of auth to receive a token that expires after a certain amount of time? It is quite common these days. What isn’t common is a generic way to ensure that this authentication process is automatically restarted when the existing token expires. The […]

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My Beef with Yaml…

Yaml is weird, it is claimed to be easy for any human to use. Also that you can use python datastructures directly in yaml. Yet I tried to use docstring (triple quoted mulitline strings) and it turns out yaml doesn’t accept them. More info on the 9 ways you can write multiline strings in yaml.

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Introduction to Alerta: Open Source Aggregated Alerts

There are a number of platforms available these days to assist operations in terms of dealing with alerts. Namely Pagerduty, VictorOps and OpsGenie. These are unfortunately pay for tools/ These tools are known as monitoring aggregation I was looking through the integrations of elastalert and found that there is an integration for, so I […]