The actual elastalert code running in Praeco Elastalert

If you go into the docker instance there will be 3 seperate versions of the code: / # find . -name ./opt/elastalert/build/lib/elastalert/ ./opt/elastalert/elastalert/ ./usr/lib/python2.7/site-packages/elastalert-0.1.39-py2.7.egg/elastalert/   The one that is actually running elastalert is: /opt/elastalert/elastalert/    

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Installing Hubot on CentOS

Provision a Centos 7 server yum update You will see your node and npm versions are old: [root@st2 ~]# npm -v 3.10.10 [root@st2 ~]# node -v v6.16.0 Use nodesource curl -sL | bash – sudo yum install gcc-c++ make sudo yum install -y nodejs The node and npm versions are now updated: [root@st2 ~]# […]

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Using Telegram for ChatOps

I’ve been using telegram for some chat ops related activities and started integrating them with things like hubot and StackStorm ChatOps to test it out. I’ve picked up certain things that make things difficult with telegram: Showing html raw and not as a string Showing graphs and charts The formatting is not different when coming […]