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Summary of 97% Owned Financial Documentary

Note: Positive money is the organisation that made the "97% owned" documentary and it is important to understand who funded the documentary to get a clear idea about the motives The solutions to the problems raised may already exist…starts with a B… 97% Owned Seigniorage – a form of fund raising for the government by […]

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Peter Thiel – Zero to One Book Summary and Highlights

Pieter Thiel – Zero to  One is a series of lectures presented at Stanford University in the US. The course is CS183 The startup and Peter Thiel, a Paypal founder and overall smart guy goes over what we should be thinking about when starting a company. It is more than just starting a company and […]

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Rework book summary and highlights

Rework book summary introduction I recently finished a good, short and simple book called Rework, by DHH and some other guy at 37 Signals.  They are the guys that created Ruby on rails and the basecamp agile collaboration tools. The book is about the things they have learnt over the years in their pragmatic creation of basecamp. They share […]