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Postgres: How Long does it take to DELETE a large amount of records and VACUUM FULL?

Sometimes there is table bloat on your postgres tables. A large amount of data that is stored that serves no purpose operationally. The large amount of data may hinder replication of data to other sources. One may decide to archive the data or just get rid of it if it is unneeded. How long does […]


How to get data from tables in mysql database into a postgres schema?

I’ve had to do a bit of learning and tinkering to figure out how to do this. I now understand why ETL tools and consultants for data migrations and translations are in demand. I’ll even allow use of proprietary GUI based ETL tools. Anyway the backstory is I created a django project initially for MySQL […]

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Deploying a django app with dedicated web and db servers

One of the many architectural decisions that will start to impact you when you get to a level where you need to scale is splitting you db and app. Typically we start on a budget and have to share resources but ideally you want to start out separate. The reasons is that the db server […]

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Going Live with Django, MySQL on Ubuntu and server going down

Ever got to deploy day only to have errors streaming in about the site not being able to be accesses. Most likely in your logs or error emails / alerts you get something like this: (2003, “Can’t connect to MySQL server on ‘’ (111)”) What the hell does this mean, it means MySQL is down […]


Connecting MySQL Workbench to Server MySQL

Use: GRANT ALL ON *.* to root@’%’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘your-root-password’; Use % as host if you don’t know where user is connecting from. Also make sure Mysql is running and that iptables is not blocking the port. The above solves this error: Host … is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server