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Iconic Gomorrah Characters – TV Series Character Rankings

Gomorrah, an iconic Italian TV series and a must watch for anyone that can read fast and follow the text (if you don't understand Italian).

This is a list of my favourite Gomorrah Characters based on how iconic and memorable they are in my mind.

  1. Ciro - Legend
  2. Gennaro - Legacy cemented in the 3rd and 4th seasons
  3. Don Pietro
  4. Malamore
  5. Salvatore Conte
  6. Blue Bloods (Enzo "Sanguebl├╣" Villa)
  7. Trak
  8. Don Rosario
  9. Patrizia
  10. Valerio
  11. Tonino Spiderman

Honourable Mention:

La Vele - although not a character, this building breaking the skyline is an icon of Napoli and portrays the series well.