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Iconic Gomorra Characters – TV Series

Gomorra, an Italian TV series and a must watch in the organised crime genre.

A list of iconic Gomorra Characters:

  1. Ciro Di Marzio – Legend
  2. Gennaro Savastano – Legacy cemented in the 3rd and 4th seasons
  3. Don Pietro Savastano
  4. Malamore (Bad Love) – Enforcer for Don Pietro
  5. Salvatore Conte
  6. Blue Bloods (Enzo "Sangueblù" Villa)
  7. O’Trak
  8. Don Rosario – Ciro’s friend
  9. Patrizia
  10. Valerio – the "vocabulary", friend of Enzo
  11. Tonino Spiderman
  12. "Bookie" – Renato: Incorrectly killed by Don Pietro as the rat of the cocaine
  13. Attilio – Ciro’s friend who was killed in episode 1
  14. Parisi – guy that genny messed up his hood
  15. Musi – Savastano’s accountant
  16. Zecchinetta – long hair – brother of Annalisa
  17. Little Baron (Monk) – Guy who sent Genny to Honduras
  18. Donna Imma Savastano
  19. Prince
  20. Carpet Bomber (Bomba – friend of O’trak)
  21. LIttle Bird – Last survivor of O’trak and Bomba crew (Ginny’s crew)
  22. Annalisa – the witch
  23. Nicola – Genny crew started under Trak, Bomba and Little Bird
  24. Don Eduardo Arrinella – The Charmer
  25. The Wizard – Don Ruggero
  26. The graduate – Elia Cappacio
  27. Crazy – Fernandino Cappacio
  28. Don Aniellio – Elia, the graduates uncle, old man
  29. Ciccio Lavante
  30. MMA – Forcella crew turncoat
  31. Angelo Mistral
  32. Cantonese – Enzo Crew
  33. Pitbull – Ciro’s ally
  34. Bello e Buono (Pure N’ Simple) – Enzos crew – survived till last episode
Left to right: Valerio, Sangueblu, Ciro and Gennaro
Don Pietro and Malamore
Salvatore Conte
Left to Right: Gennaro, Mistral, Crazy Cappacio, ?


Prince and Ciro

Honourable Mention:

La Vele – although not a character, this building breaking the skyline is an icon of Napoli and portrays the series well.

La Vele. Right to Left: Little Bird, Bomba, Trak, Gennaro, Patrizia