How to migrate a git repo to gogs?

Gogs is a self-hosted git server that describes itself as:

Gogs a painless self-hosted git service

How to Migrate a Git Repo to Gogs

To migrate a git repo to gogs – the process is to clone the repo in mirror mode and then push it to gogs in mirror mode. This method will work no matter if you are using: vanilla bare git repos, github, gitlab or another self-hosted solution.

Mirror mode is: --mirror create a mirror repository (implies bare)

  1. Create the new repo in gogs under the organisation or user you want it to appear as.


  1. Copy the cloning url

  2. Clone the orginal repo in mirror mode to a machine somewhere

    git clone --mirror git@:.git
  3. Change directory

    cd .git
  4. Push to new gogs repo from the mirrored clone repo

    git push --mirror git@.git