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Spotify make it Very Difficult to Cancel (8 Steps with Images)

Spotify make is very difficult and confusing to cancel. You might find yourself not actually completing the process.

Be very careful and ensure all the steps are completed. Otherwise you will find yourself paying another month which happened to me.

The Cancellation Process

As at December 2023:

  1. Log In to web:
  2. Click Profile
  3. Click "Manage your Plan"
  4. Click "Change Plan"
  5. Scroll Way down to "Spotify Free" and click "Cancel Plan"
  6. Click "Continue to Cancel" (On the how your listening will change page)
  7. Click "Continue to Cancel" (On the Live with others page)
  8. Click "Yes, cancel" (On the Cancel X page?)

The plan is now cancelled.

The next page asks for the reason why you cancelled, which can be skipped.

Images of the Cancellation Process

Step 3: Manage your Plan
Step 4: Change Plan
Step 5: Scroll and Cancel
Step 6: Continue to Cancel
Step 7: Continue to Cancel
Step 8: Yes, Cancel
Step 9 (Optional): Reason for Cancellation