Telkom Prepaid: Once-off mobile data vs LTE/LTE-A Once off

What is the difference between the packages available for telkom wireless data?

It is confusing for tech savvy people – probably more so for the general public

Wireless is an internet connection using cell phone towers that are 3g, 4g (LTE) and 5g. The 3g, 4g and 5g are standards agreed upon that allow for different speeds. They all use the same microwave signal technology to allow network packets to be sent and received on networks.

Wireless internet providers sell data which is a specific maximum amount of data you can send (upload) and receive (download) over their network.

Telkom USSD codes:

*180# - mobile account menu
*188# - get current balance

Telkom Tariffs

There are 3 types of prepaid options:

  • Telkom Thola More
  • Telkom More
  • Telkom SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid

LTE/LTE-A Once off

You have to be on the SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid tariff type.

Unfortunately all LTE/LTE-A Once off data packages have an expiry date – forcing you to use the data by a certain date

Amount of Data Price Expiry
3 GB R50 14 days
7.5 GB R100 31 days
10 GB R150 31 days
20 GB R250 61 days
40 GB R360 61 days
60 GB R460 61 days
80 GB R560 61 days
120 GB R760 61 days
220 GB R1060 61 days



You get an equal night surfer amount to encourage data use after midnight to 7 am when we are all asleep. I do not include it in the above table.

The price has been rounded up by R1

Also take note that this data will only work when you are connecting to a telkom run cell tower – not on a tower that telkom piggy-backs off from another network.

Beware the SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid charges excessive fees for calls, smses and out-of-bundle data:

  • Calls: R 2.75 on per second billing basis
  • SMSs: 50c/Sms
  • Out of bundle data: R0.30 per megabyte (R307.2 per GB)

Out of bundle means you have depleted your LTE bundle and now use airtime to pay for data – you can turn off out-of-bundle data

To change tariff:

  1. *180#
  2. Select the option for tariff change
  3. Change to SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid

Once-off All Network Data Bundles

  • Available on any tarrif type: More, Thola More and SmartBroadband Wireless Prepaid
  • Once-off Mobile data bundles work on both Telkom and MTN networks
  • Once-off internet bundles have longer expiry times
Amount of Data Price Expiry
35MB R7 6 months
75 MB R14 6 months
150 MB R30 6 months
300 MB R50 6 months
500 MB R70 6 months
1 GB R80 2 months
1.5 GB R90 2 months
2 GB R140 2 months
3 GB R200 2 months
5 GB R300 2 months
10 GB R470 2 months
20 GB R700 7 months
50 GB R1500 13 months
100 GB R 2500 13 months


Example 75MB Topup

Once off mobile data bundles do have night-surfer data however it expires after 31 days

Usage Stats

Important to remember that the usage amount of LTE can be in one of 2 buckets:

  • normal – any time data
  • night surfer – midnight to 7 am data

When checking your usage via the selfservice telkom website – this will show the combined data. That is both normal and night surfer data. It may show data but you might not be able to surf as it is showing night data.


When checking the usage via the telkom app on your device it will only show the normal usage. So this is a better usage stat to use as you never want to be left without data at any time:

High Time Preference

Telkom forces its subscribers and customers to burn up the data and keep topping up like addicted peasants.

Telkom doesn’t make it easy for customers to understand things – there are so many options and configurations that you can only figure out by trying them – at cost.