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How to Ping on a container with No ping utility?

Ever opened a shell or sshed into a container and it does not have the ping binary: bash: ping: command not found Install Ping Use the package manager of the base image apt update apt install iputils-ping Then test: > ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 […]

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Docker Saving 361MB on an Image File with dockerignore

Initially I created a Dockerfile to run my django app. I chose python alpine to save on image size. There were a few issues with that but that is fixed in the below Dockerfile FROM python:3.8-alpine RUN mkdir -p /code/requirements WORKDIR /code RUN pip install –upgrade pip –no-cache-dir # Installing requirements.txt from project COPY ./requirements/*.txt […]

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Containerising your Django Application into Docker and eventually Kubernetes

There shift to containers is happening, in some places faster than others… People underestimate the complexity and all the parts involved in making you applciation work. The Django Example In the case of Django, we would in the past (traditionally) deployed it on a webserver running: a Webserver (nginx) a python wsgi – web server […]

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Pros and Cons of Openshift OKD and Portainer

Update 2022: Most of these platform are downstream from vanilla kubernetes. Other options: A Lightweight kubernetes with k3s or Rancher. My opinion at this time is that rancher is the easiest to run and develop with/for. If you are about to make a choice about which container orchestrator, sheduler or paltform to choose you have […]

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Deploying Praeco on Portainer

In this post I’m going to attempt to setup Praeco on Portainer.Praeco is a frontend for setting up Elastalert rules that check an elasticsearch index and send automated messages via telegram, slack or webhook. To set this up you need 2 things already setup: Elasticsearch instance Portainer Instance You also should know a bit about […]