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How to Ping on a container with No ping utility?

Ever opened a shell or sshed into a container and it does not have the ping binary: bash: ping: command not found Install Ping Use the package manager of the base image apt update apt install iputils-ping Then test: > ping PING ( 56(84) bytes of data. 64 bytes from ( icmp_seq=1 […]

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Minikube: Deploy a container using a private image registry

This post is mainly for wanting to test a private image on your local k8s instance. At this point in time I feel minikube is the lightweight standard for this. You should have a private registry with the image you want to deploy, otherwise – use a public image. Getting Started Install minikube Once minikube […]

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Cannot use harbor robot account ImagePullBackOff pull access denied

This post is mainly about harbor robot accounts. Robot accounts are accounts used to run automated operations and have no access to the frontend. The account to use in your continuous integration or k8s registry secrets. You create a robot account by going to: Project -> Robot Accounts -> New Robot Account The Problem $ […]

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Use Self-hosted Gitlab to build and deploy images to Harbor

I have a gitlab version control and CI instance running. I also have a Harbor registry running. Now I want to ensure the I can build and push images from gitlab onto harbor using gitlab’s continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD). First Steps Create a git repo on gitlab with your Dockerfile Create a user […]

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Setting up Keycloak on Kubernetes

First thing to do is get familiar with keycloak. once you are happy it might be useful take a look at the keycloak quickstarts. They seem to have all the examples and samples on getting going with keycloak. In particular you want to look at the keycloak kubernetes examples For posterity I will show the […]