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Adding Time taken to respond to a request in the header of a Django Rest Framework Response

Ever wanted to add the time taken for a response to your API, so the client knows how long the server took to send a response? I first noticed this cool feature on AWX, a management platform for ansible playbooks. Their response headers looked like this: So I checked out their source code and copied […]


Trying the Pelican Static Site Generator and Abandoning it – the Best Python Static Site Generator is found…

I used to use Jekyll site for my notes and summaries called fixes I wanted to move away from Ruby, that Jekyll uses, and try the language I prefer – python – and saw that pelican was the most popular. I also wanted to move away to improve the way categories are shown and to […]

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Deploying a django website to a Ubuntu 16.04 server with python3.6, gunicorn, nginx and Mysql

Getting up and running on your local development setup and being able to build and see the changes you are making is one of the numerous reasons we like django. The built in development webserver helps a lot in this regard. As soon as we have to deploy the site on a server and make […]

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Getting Started in Data Science, Machine Learning and Big Data

If you think that Machine Learning, AI, Big data, Neural networks are all just gimmicks then I suggest you watch this (It helps if you have played Dota before) AI and Machine Learning is real and it is getting better all the time, if you don’t catch that train you will be left behind. Resources […]