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Using django-oauth-toolkit for Client credentials Oauth Flow

I’ve been wanting to secure my api – so unidentified and unathorized parties cannot view, update, create or delete data. This api is internal to the company and will only be used by other services – in other words no end users. Hence the delegation of authorization need not happen and the services will be […]

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Is there a speed gain when moving from Apache Mod PHP to Nginx PHP-FPM?

I had a chance to deploy one of my running websites on another virtual machine. I wanted to improve performance as customers are paying for the product and wanted to give a faster experience. On the old site I used Apache with PHP mod apache to run the site. On the new site I went […]

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Deploying a django website to a Ubuntu 16.04 server with python3.6, gunicorn, nginx and Mysql

Getting up and running on your local development setup and being able to build and see the changes you are making is one of the numerous reasons we like django. The built in development webserver helps a lot in this regard. As soon as we have to deploy the site on a server and make […]

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VueJS and Django using them together

If you have been a web developer for some time, eventually you realise you have been wasting a lot of time and doing things wrong (or at least making your life difficult) if you have not been using Django and VueJS. Django being the backend where the data is stored and where resources are maintained, […]


Implement Testing on Yii Framework 1

How to Implement Testing on Yii Framework 1 So you’ve finally realised to verify the quality of the code in releases and make sure everything is working before you deploy to production you need to test. First we’ll use phpunit for unit testing. Installing PHPUnit with Composer We will only handle installing the required packages […]