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Mount external hd permanently on raspberry pi

The best tutorial to use for mounting an external Hard Drive permanently on your rspberry pi is on documentation List all the disk partitions sudo lsblk -o UUID,NAME,FSTYPE,SIZE,MOUNTPOINT,LABEL,MODEL Identify the name of the disk partition (eg. sda1) Install the relevant storage driver for your FSTYPE (eg. exfat-fuse or ntfs-3g) – usually already install on […]

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Raspberry Pi dedicated bitcoin node with Ubuntu ARM Instructions

In this post, we build a bitcoin node with a raspberry pi. Requirements Raspberry Pi with 4Gb or more External hardrive 500Gb 1 TB SD card reader Update Feb 2022: Best to Use a 1TB Harddrive as the blockchain has grown Installing Ubuntu Server Use these instructions to Install ubuntu server for raspberry pi Use […]