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97 Things every Cloud Engineer should Know – Summarised Notes

As with the other post on 97 things every developer should know, this is not a hard and fast list. It is a bit of interesting info from people in the industry that may or may not have the required experience and may be in a specific part of the business not relevant to you. […]

IAM Security Server Vault

Practical Application: Implementing SSH security with TLS certificates

In any organisation of a large size managing access to servers and cloud resources is difficult. There is often a tradeoff between convenience and security. Changing these settings is also a bit scary in production as you can be locked out of your servers… One solution mentioned by facebook engineering and smallstep is to make […]

DevOps GNU/Linux Kong Security Server

Generate a letencrypt ssl certificate for kong api gateway

So you have installed kong and you are ready for it to go into production. Whoops, nossl certificate yet? It is important that you add it as credentials will be moving between your gateway and credentials could be acquired by any party in between the client and your server. But the standalone nginx plugin for […]

GNU/Linux Security Server ubuntu

Fail2Ban Custom filters and Testing Regex’s against existing Logs

Fail2ban is a tool that can automatically ban malicious bots trying to get into your server. Provided you set up filters and the ip address is logged you can use fail2ban with any application. fail2ban is built with python2.7 Create a filter, using a regular expression: In /etc/fail2ban/filter.d/my-custom-filter.conf: [Definition] failregex = ^ -.* “POST \/user\/register […]


Top Performance and Security tools for your server

Sometimes it is hard securing and making sure your server is running at peak performance. Why not use some tools to tell you what settings to tweak… Lynis – Server security suggestions MySqltuner – MySQL Database recommendations and suggestions ApacheBuddy – Performance suggestions for Apache 2