How to Raise an Objection to Increased Property Rates Joburg

The city of Joburg is again rerating the market value of properties in the City.
The previous time this was done was in 2018 – where rate increases became effective July 2018.

Use the website to object.

The deadline for objecting is end of March 2023.

The userguide on how to object is on their website at or available gvr2023_online system.

Note: You must use Microsoft Windows Edge otherwise it will say browser not supported



  1. Register with the link in the top right
  2. Get the email to activate your account
  3. Log in and search for your property
  4. Check the valuation vs your current rates
  5. Link the property to your account
  6. Object to the valuation


The reason for objecting is up to you. However it is clear from lookig at trend that many areas have not experienced any growth in market value since 2018.
In real terms (inflation adjusted) many properties have decreased in value.

One avenue to look for proof is property24’s property values page that can show the trend of prices in an area.

The claim from Joburg government is that the property base rose 12%. FNB’s Mkhwanazi makes a very good point: While average growth in Jozi metro might be 12%, it is due to the very rapid growth in the township housing market, with the traditional suburban market much more subdued.