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How get vlan from portgroup information from vcenter api

get portgroup information from vcenter api vcenter api get portgroup information vcenter api view distributed switch pyvmomi get vlan id from portgroup pyvmomi get object by id The answer:

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How to update, change and delete a storage Profile with VCloud Director REST API

Recently I was tasked with removing a few attached storage profiles from a number of VDC’s in vCloud Director. The task would have been a long and arduous manual task. Fortunately vCloud Director has a REST API (A flippen good one). The reason I say it is good is that it makes proper used of […]


Virtual Environment Utilities and Resources

I’ve been looking at what is available to help manage a virtual environment, that favours open source. It is important to know the difference between a VM, VPS and Container. VM – Full VIrtual Machine, has it’s own kernel. VPS – VPSs always run on the same OS kernel as the host system Container – […]