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Trying out Rackzar’s AMD Ryzen VPS

Was able to try out Rackzar’s AMD Ryzen VPS recently. This post is about the experience and performance. The UI to Create The user interface is easy to navigate and there is lots one can do. It looks very similar to hostking’s. Wondering if this is a standard frontend that can be deployed by infrastructure […]

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WordPress Performance: Vanilla vs Cached

In the post an inquiry into the performance difference of various wordpress setups is examined. A Vanilla WordPress Instance is compared with the following factors: PHP Opcache, W3 Total Cache plugin with redis, disk enchanced and memcached page caches enabled. This can be used to give an idea but as always with performance your context […]

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WordPress performance: Linux, Nginx and PHP-FPM vs Linux, Apache and Mod_PHP

Is migrating a wordpress site to a different architecture setup worth it? This post compares an old architecture to a new architecture. The new architecture is uses a different web server and php gateway. Old architecture: Apache and mod_php New architecture: Nginx and php-fpm Below I run a web page speed test and a load […]

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Is there a speed gain when moving from Apache Mod PHP to Nginx PHP-FPM?

I had a chance to deploy one of my running websites on another virtual machine. I wanted to improve performance as customers are paying for the product and wanted to give a faster experience. On the old site I used Apache with PHP mod apache to run the site. On the new site I went […]