MVC Web Development

What is MVC?

In the web development realm it is very common we hear the term MVC. Well What is MVC? MVC is a software design approach. MVC stands for: Model View Controller It is a template or pattern on how to structure a program. MVC has its origin in the Smalltalk language, MVC has been widely adopted […]

PHP PHP 5 Web Development

PHP & OOP: A Fundemental Tutorial on Object Oriented Programming and PHP

PHP & Object Oriented Programming PHP can be used both procedurally and with an object oriented approach. In PHP & procedural programming the emphasis lies with the actions and the steps that must be taken to perform actions such as submitting a form or retrieving a record from a database. In PHP & Object Oriented […]

Javascript Web Development

Why Javascript is not Working in Head Tag?

Why my javascript is not working in Head Tag? Have you been frustrated, and wonder why the javascript in your <head> tag is not working? Why javascript is not working in head tag? You must keep in mind that the position of your javascript within the code MATTERS. Your javascript’s code position with respect to […]

HTML5 Web Design

What is HTML5?

What is HTML5? What is HTML5?…HTML is the latest version of HTML, Hypertext Markup Language. This is the language used to communicate with web browsers to display web documents displayed in pages. The W3c as of December 2012 has  recommended the use of HTML5 for all new and existing websites. HTML5 has a number of new […]

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Git Quick Reference Tutorial

What is Git? Git is a distributed version control system. It is free and open source, created by Linus Torvalds. Remember Github is just one various remote options. It is not git – it uses git to store git repos and adds some special sauce on top. It is in the same class as: gitlab, […]