Month: September 2013

Best Free to Play Steam Games

Below is a list of the Best Free to Play Steam Games, voted for by my friend and myself.

1. Dota 2

Hands Down the Greatest Multiplayer Game Ever...that is if you're not total noob!

2. Team Fortress 2
5. Lord of the Rings Online
6. PlanetSide 2
7. Warframe
8. Soldier Front 2
9. Blacklight: Retribution
14. ArmA II: Free
18. DC Universe Online
20. Tribes: Ascend
22. Age of Empires Online
24. Trackmania Nations
25. Uncharted Waters Online
26. America's Army 3
32. Forge
52. CrimeCraft GangWars
56. Archblade

Limited Fighting Skills, Decent graphics and no Progression.

Zend Framework Tips and Tricks

To Redirect:


To Show Profiler in a layout
$this->addScriptpath(APPLICATION_PATH . '/profiler/views/scripts');
echo $this->render('util/profiler.phtml');

if($profiler->getEnabled() && $profiler->getTotalNumQueries() > 0) { ?>

Database Profiling Report

Total queries executed: getTotalNumQueries()?>

Total elapsed time: getTotalElapsedSecs()?>

getQueryProfiles() as $queryNumber => $query) { ?>

# Query Time
() getQuery();?> getElapsedSecs();?>

Disable Zend Layout:

source: Web Development Blog

Debian 7 (WheezY) Cheat Sheet

Check php version (command line):

php -i

unzip a .tar:

tar -xvf file.tar

unzip a .tar.gz:

tar -xzvf file.tar.gz

Virtual Host Setup:
1. Place the WebSite Files in /var/www/[Folder name]
2. Navigate to /etc/apache2/sites-available
3. Create a new file [SiteName], and nano the vhost
4. Create a symlink in /etc/apache2/sites-enabled with:
a2ensite [siteName]
5. Restart apache:
service apache2 restart graceful or
service apache2 reload

Change a single folder name:
mv [old folder] [new folder]

Install php gd:
aptitude install php5-gd

Install php pear:
aptitude php-pear

Install php imagick:
aptitude install php-imagick

Install php alternative PHP coding:
php install php-apc

Resume Stopped jobs:

Best Site for unix Commands: