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Junos PyEZ how to fix the xmlSAX2Characters:huge text node

When trying to acquire a huge bit of config from juniper routers and parse it with PyEZ sometimes you get an error. Something like: pyez xmlSAX2Characters: huge text node, line 256071, column 53 (<string>, line 256071) PyEZ uses ncclient the python netconf client behind the scenes.It isn’t well documented in their docs though. Allowing a […]

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Kubernetes Questions – Please answer them

What is the Difference between a Persistent Volume and a Storage Class? What happens when pods are killed, is the data persisted – How do you test this? What is the difference between a Service and an Ingress? By default, Docker uses host-private networking, so containers can talk to other containers only if they are […]

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Docker Saving 361MB on an Image File with dockerignore

Initially I created a Dockerfile to run my django app. I chose python alpine to save on image size. There were a few issues with that but that is fixed in the below Dockerfile FROM python:3.8-alpine RUN mkdir -p /code/requirements WORKDIR /code RUN pip install –upgrade pip –no-cache-dir # Installing requirements.txt from project COPY ./requirements/*.txt […]