Bike Repairs

MTB Repairs: Adjusting Your Rear Derraileur

I have a Shimano SLX M7000 rear deraileur that I have been battling with. I found an excellent video from parktool on rear deraileur adjustment that I use as the basis of my repairs. Always make sure derailler is straight and secure on the bike – otherwise the below will not bare any fruit. This […]


Cool things to see and do on a bitcoin node

Here is a list of cool things you can see, do and find out on a bitcoin node. Specifically for full nodes running in CLI or daemon mode – not GUI client. Get Block Count Get the total number of blocks in your version of the blockchain – the one on your local node. If […]

bad quality products

Fruit Juices to Avoid in South Africa

Some juices contain terrible substances and fake sugar. Others are 100% pure fruit juice and are good for the body. Let us separate the bad juices from the good. Avoid these Fruit Juices The first thing that should stop you buying is that it does not say 100% pure fruit juice. If it does not […]