AWX: A server error has occurred and Redis

Sometimes in the container based deployments of AWX, you get errors. As with any computer system with many moving parts in a distributed architecture. AWX has 4 containers when you run it: awx-web – a django applicaiton awx-task – a task runner awx-redis – the message queue / broker postgresql – the persistent storage database […]

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Using Keycloak as the Identity Provider for AWX

Good day, in this post I will show you how to use Keycloak (Open source Redhat SSO) as the identity provider for AWX. I am basing this tutorial on the post on red hat SSO integration on and from the AWX docs on SAML authentication Prerequisites You need the following set up: AWX instance […]

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Walkthough of Creating and Running Plays on AWX

AWX Ad Hoc Test The first step before you do anything on AWX, is just get your toes wet and do a simple ad hoc command locally. To do this got to Inventories -> + Call it localhost. Next you have to actually add hosts or groups to this inventory. To do this edit the […]