Finding a Frontend tool: An Inline Smart Datepicker

I am working on a project that requires an inline smart datepicker. So in this post I will show the process of selecting a decent plugin / tool. Requirements The Inline smart datepicker is quite simple and simple is better than complex so I want to keep it that way: Must not pop-up, it should […]

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Specificity: Why my CSS is being cancelled out even though it is loaded after other CSS?

Your answer is Specificity Specificity is a mechanism within the CSS cascade that aids conflict resolution Basically it determines preference of CSS styles, over and above the cascading nature of stylesheets Order of Precedence of Specificity: Type Specificity Inline Style Highest Highest Number of #id selectors Wins Highest number of class, attribute and pseudo selectors […]

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HTML Forms and Submit Button Changing Name

This article explores HTML webforms and specifically the submit button in terms of changing the name, id and value. We explore Submit Button Changing Name Examples. Example 1: Simple form tags and a frugal submit input <form> <input type=”submit” /> </form> Result 1: Submit label is ‘Submit’, Default action is to do a Get. Example […]

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The Free PC Protection, Performance and Anti-virus Toolkit

Whether you have a new computer or a computer that is infected with a virus. This toolkit will help solve your problem and prevent it from happening again. The Free PC Protection, Performance and Anti-virus Toolkit will improve your PC and make it very safe. 1. Avast Antivirus (Free) The most hassle-free and classy anti-virus […]

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Why Javascript is not Working in Head Tag?

Why my javascript is not working in Head Tag? Have you been frustrated, and wonder why the javascript in your <head> tag is not working? Why javascript is not working in head tag? You must keep in mind that the position of your javascript within the code MATTERS. Your javascript’s code position with respect to […]