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Initial Setup of a Ubuntu 20.04 VM with Compiled Python 3.10

Assuming you have logged in as root with a password Creating a non-root User adduser ubuntu usermod -aG sudo ubuntu Add your SSH key to the new User ssh-copy-id ubuntu@ ssh ubuntu@ Enabling Firewall sudo ufw app list sudo ufw status Disable root login and password based login sudo vim /etc/ssh/sshd_config Uncomment and set: PasswordAuthentication […]


Best bang for buck home router in south africa

I have used about 4 different home routers in my time from various brands: D-Link, TP-link and Mikrotik. So far the most cost effective for the feature set is the mikrotik hap ac2. Currently it is R600 on takealot. Although even at R1000 I think it kills the competition. Note: This router is for fibre […]


Using ansible and vault to securely ssh into many vms

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