How to Raise an Objection to Increased Property Rates Joburg

The city of Joburg is again rerating the market value of properties in the City. The previous time this was done was in 2018 – where rate increases became effective July 2018. Use the website to object. The deadline for objecting is end of March 2023. The userguide on how to object is on […]


Postgres: Does Dropping Indexes and Foreign Keys before Inserts Really Work to Speed up Performance?

There is a use case where about 10000 records are inserted every few seconds after some processing. There was a suggestion that dropping indexes before the data insert would improve the speed of the inserts. The postgres docs recommend removing the indexes and foreign keys. Creating an index on pre-existing data is quicker than updating […]

bitcoin tax is theft

How much does the South African State steal from the public when an iPhone is bought?

At the time of writing a iPhone 14 256 GB costs: R23999 A third party know as the State – who rules by decree but does no work – steals a portion of every transaction in South Africa. How much the SA State steals from the Consumer? To buy a R23999 iphone – one needs […]


How Long does it take Eskom to Fix a Burnt out Meter [2023]?

The electricity meter got burnt after a bout of rolling blackouts (loadshedding) from Eskom. After switching from generator to mains – the lights flashed and flickered – and the mains /earth leakage switched tripped. An inspection of the electricity meter facing the road outside the house was made. Components inside the electricity meter were melted […]


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