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Cannot use harbor robot account ImagePullBackOff pull access denied

This post is mainly about harbor robot accounts. Robot accounts are accounts used to run automated operations and have no access to the frontend. The account to use in your continuous integration or k8s registry secrets. You create a robot account by going to: Project -> Robot Accounts -> New Robot Account The Problem $ […]

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Is there a speed gain when moving from Apache Mod PHP to Nginx PHP-FPM?

I had a chance to deploy one of my running websites on another virtual machine. I wanted to improve performance as customers are paying for the product and wanted to give a faster experience. On the old site I used Apache with PHP mod apache to run the site. On the new site I went […]

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Containerising your Django Application into Docker and eventually Kubernetes

There shift to containers is happening, in some places faster than others… People underestimate the complexity and all the parts involved in making you applciation work. The Django Example In the case of Django, we would in the past (traditionally) deployed it on a webserver running: a Webserver (nginx) a python wsgi – web server […]

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Help me Understand Containerisation (Docker) – Part 1

I was looking at nodeJS servers, how they work and ways to scale them. I came across a best practices repo and it said: “Be stateless, kill your Servers almost every day“. I’ve always been skeptical of docker and containers – granted I haven’t used them extensively but I’ve always thought of them as needless […]


Install Netbox on Ubuntu 18.04

You can try using the doc’s on installation on netbox read the docs, however I think it is better to use the link below: Install Netbox on Ubuntu 18.04